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Paper products packaging industry development opportunities and challenges
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Paper products packaging industry development opportunities and challenges, the domestic paper products packaging production enterprises, in particular, need to focus on the establishment of brand advantages and technical equipment updates, in order to obtain the ability to participate in international competition and advantages.

With the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous upgrading of technology, food packaging industry, the continuous upgrading of competitiveness, expanding the size of the industry, the rapid development of enterprises, food to maintain the rapid growth of the scale efficiency. Based on the paper and board as a substrate made of papier mache packaging, has the advantages of low cost, save resources, easy machining, more environmentally friendly, no pollution, easy recovery, recycling etc. advantages.

In today's all kinds of commodities homogenization trend, packaging has become the quality of goods, after sales service, the third set sales and establish a brand image of the important factors. Packaging from the original commodity protection and convenient use of the function, to increase product value, shape brand, promote the development of sales. Packaging design has become an important part of the commodity marketing plan. For four packaging (paper, plastic, metal, glass) made of papier mache packaging, with the continuous development of paper material and its processing technology, the form of increasingly diverse, more creative force is realized.

With the progress of the paper making technology, the paper has developed from the traditional single to the variety and function specialization. Packaging designers can properly use characteristics of paper material, perfect to create amazing food packaging paper. So food packaging into the era of paper packaging. Paper packaging also provides protection for food safety.

The appropriate utility of the structure and the appearance of the novel and unique to become a business to enhance the product and brand market competition is an important factor. Excellent papier mache packaging will exceed the limitations of previous papier mache packaging, give full play to the paper material, the physical and printing the applicability of advantages, fully demonstrated the papier mache packaging holding, protection, convenience, display, aesthetic, and economic applicability characteristics, increase product added value, improve sales capability.

Existing data show that in 2014 the soft packaging in the food industry will become the mainstream packaging. Soft packaging industry market growth will stimulate the development of materials, design and packaging machinery, at the same time, these will in turn promote the progress of flexible packaging. The future of the world of packaging box is made of paper, the global appeal for green packaging, cherish our homes. Paper technology will be widely used in the packaging industry, green packaging will become the future of baking food packaging industry development trend, but the paper instead of wood, paper on behalf of plastic, paper generation glass, sheet metal, has become the consensus of the sustainable development. Paper materials have more renewable natural materials and more environmentally friendly recycling, and fully show the potential of the development of paper materials.

After nearly 30 years of development, China's paper products packaging industry has now come to the middle stage of industrialization, the scale and intensive development of the prototype has been formed. In recent years, with the gradual regression of the international financial crisis, the foreign paper products packaging market to pick up. At the same time, the Chinese part of the paper products packaging export enterprises from export to domestic transformation, domestic policy on paper products packaging industry vigorously support, China paper packaging industry show a thriving development situation.

Product variety is increasingly rich. Many paper products packaging industry products, corrugated, honeycomb paper and embossed paper, derived from the three big categories of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes, cartons, paper bags, paper cups, paper pulp molded and the carton, carton and paper cup is the industry products in the market sales of the larger product. In recent years, the scale of production and marketing of Chinese paper products packaging industry is expanding, and the increase is more than 20%

Packaging paper mache from production to recycling, including processing, storage and transportation environment, display marketing, consumer use and recycling utilization in each phase. Packing paper for designs of every link of the technical requirements and functional requirements. The key of the paper forming factors of interrelated constraints, designers need in-depth research. Recently, the rise of the folding carton requires a similar system design preparation. Folding program design that is suitable for industrialized production, cutting, indentation, slotting, a molding, distraction, folding, display, portable and easy to use.

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