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The production process of the New Year paintings
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The general picture processing through four steps: A: drafting and final painter, with a straightforward method to draw on the edge or a thin cotton paper: 2: carving artist finalized powder paste for anti sticking in the planed rosewood or Du wood, leaving drawings Moxian tick to blank, complete version of ink lines. 3: artist will ink printed drawing, drawing point color, carving according to point out the different colors and engraving version of color printing, generally not more than five. Four: brush will each painting ink and color version ready and began the paper hundreds of pressure in stencils bodices of fixed position, put the sketchpad Yang in the left side of the paper, paper with handspring, Beamon evenly paint palette, right hand brush brush canvas above the paper, so a a finished in the fixed position will be paper brush, then change to another color palette, slavish brush finished paper, and change the edition until all the brush finished.

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