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Christmas market ahead of schedule
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As the Chinese Spring Festival to go grocery shopping like, every Christmas Eve, depending on the Christmas for a year the most important festival in the West will also go to the Christmas market. Today, the Christmas market has quietly landed in China, and seize the gift market. Between now and December 25 for Christmas and for more than a month's time, but in the Yiwu market has many businesses began gearing up to seize the opportunities to invest to the upcoming Christmas gift "war".

A wide variety of Christmas tree, Christmas hats, Christmas bell, Christmas stickers, snowmen merchandise assortment, so overwhelmed.

There have been a lot of shopping malls with Christmas drawings to order Christmas decorations, some units have begun to decorate the Christmas party. More than western countries for Christmas, now in China, there are more and more people began to Christmas, many more families to buy Christmas tree like Christmas gifts to decorate the family celebrate Christmas day, blessing of a peaceful year good luck.

It is understood that Christmas is also called "Christmas Day", is the most important festival in the western countries, equivalent to China's spring festival. The night before Christmas, also known as Christmas Eve, similar to our country's new year's eve. On Christmas Eve, every family will have a Christmas tree. The family will be together and pray for the happiness of the coming year.

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